Update construction week 51

21 December 2023

This week we successfully deconstructed the drilling site!

  • The derrick has been carefully demobilized and removed in parts, together with all other materials from the drilling phase.
  • After the completion of the derrick, the laydown area was thoroughly cleaned up and restored to its original layout. This includes sweeping and cleaning the gutters, clean water well and the entire location.
  • The test water, which was stored on the other side of the Rotterdamseweg, was disposed daily by truck last week. We expect it will take about 5 weeks to have everything removed.
  • Today the fencing on the Leeghwaterstraat will be replaced, so that the drilling location is once again separated from the street. The Leeghwaterstraat will then be cleaned and reopened for all traffic.

Thank you for your patience over the past period and we wish everyone a happy New Year!

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