Geothermie Delft is committed to preventing and limiting nuisance. Among other things, we take into account the accessibility of the location and the environment; The quality of life, for example the prevention of noise, light or odor. And of course the safety of people and protection of the environment.

All work that we carry out meets the requirements of the environmental permit with regard to noise, safety and traffic. For example, we have an extensive transport plan that indicates when which transport is expected. We also carry out noise and vibration measurements to ensure that we remain within the permitted standards. Furthermore, we will install noise barriers and there are traffic controllers on the construction site.

More nuisance can be experienced during the drilling process. There will be more noise during the drilling process, for example due to the noise of the derrick and the noise of more trucks. The location is also illuminated day and night during the drilling process. We will always stay within legal limits and all of these matters are temporary for the duration of the drilling process. When this will take place and how long it will take can be seen in the planning.


During the drilling period, various measures will be taken to minimize noise pollution:


  • A transport plan has been drawn up for transport and equipment. The periods in which intensive transports take place will take place in high frequency hence limiting the overall time
  • During the drilling, the Leeghwaterstraat will be closed until the end of the drilling and a safe diversion route for bicycle and pedestrians will be constructed, including signage, lighting and an obstacle-free passage


  • TU Delft is taking measures so that lectures and exams are not disrupted by noise
  • Sound-absorbing and insulating barriers will be placed on and along the north-west side of the parking garage. This is at least 23 meters in length and 2.5 meters high
  • In order to monitor the possible effects of vibrations, a point zero measurement is made at the homes and buildings in the immediate vicinity (<50 meters)
  • Rubber protection and bumpers that prevent the peak noises from steel-on-steel contacts as much as possible. The activities that involve a lot of peak noises will also take place during the day as much as possible
  • The source is directly connected to the electricity grid. As a result, no generators are used on the drilling site. This makes for much less noise than with other geothermal energy projects


  • Work takes place within the construction fences on the construction site
  • Traffic supervisors are deployed during the drilling for the safety of bicycle and pedestrians
  • There will be temporary lighting where the bicycle and pedestrian paths have been diverted
  •  Free acces for emergency services; facilities, approach routes, parking places and fire hydrants remain accessible


We also keep the environment well informed by regularly updating our website with new information by posting news items. In addition there is a telephone number that is available 24/7. Furthermore, we are and will continue to talk to residents and companies in the immediate vicinity of the site about their interests, questions and concerns.

Do you have more questions about Geothermie Delft Then take a look at our FAQ.

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