Why GTD?

The urgency of the energy transition is increasing every day. The CO2  reduction targets are sharp. There are many questions and we still need many answers, but we also need to take concrete steps. The GTD consortium and the Municipality of Delft take their responsibility and want to make progress in the energy transition by:

  1. The production and use of sustainable energy in the form of geothermal heat and the supply of this heat to:
    • TU Delft, for making the heat supply on campus more sustainable and supplying other heat users on the campus (including student residences of DUWO)
    • The city, as part of making the built environment more sustainable.
  2. Scientific research and education in geothermal energy

By whom?


Aardyn is a developer and producer of geothermal energy. We have been doing this for more than 10 years, with a lot of passion and a clear mission. We want to play a major role in the energy transition. Aardyn believes that the heat from our own earth will contribute significantly to the transition to sustainable energy. That is why we are fully committed to the necessary improvement and acceleration of this technology. So that we leave the earth good for our next generations. Aardyn is part of EQUANS.

TU Delft

As a university, TU Delft is the driving force behind the scientific research program of Geothermie Delft. Moreover, TU Delft is the land owner and the first user of geothermal energy. By connecting scientific research and innovation to a working geothermal source, we get unique research opportunities. The proximity of this working resource offers enormous advantages for research and education. With the insights we gain, we can help other geothermal projects in the Netherlands and beyond. By using geothermal energy and sharing new insights, we make an important contribution to the climate objectives of TU Delft itself and those of Delft and the Netherlands. 

Energie Beheer Nederlands BV (EBN)

EBN is a company active in the energy sector, whose shares are 100% owned by the Dutch state. For 60 years, EBN has been using knowledge, expertise and strength to make an active and significant contribution to our future sustainable energy system. We are committed to the energy transition and turn social ambitions into reality. Energizing the transition. For more information about EBN, go to www.ebn.nl 


Shell wants to play a role in the energy transition. Shell sees good opportunities in the Netherlands for using geothermal energy to make the heat supply more sustainable. Shell has knowledge and expertise of the subsurface, the extraction of energy and the realization of large projects. With geothermal projects such as in Delft, Shell Geothermal wants to contribute to the Dutch heat transition. For more information, visit www.shell.nl  

For whom?

The aim of Geothermie Delft is on the one hand research and on the other hand supplying heat to the environment. In the first period, heat will be supplied to TU Delft to make the heat supply on campus more sustainable and supply it to other heat users on campus, such as DUWO student residences. Later on, heat will also be able to be supplied to the city, starting with the Voorhof and Buitenhof districts, as part of making the built environment more sustainable.

Research & innovation

By placing the source on the TU Delft campus and linking it to a large research program, we are building a unique showcase with which we conduct research into the safe and responsible scaling up of geothermal energy as a clean energy source.

The research will focus on the following research questions:

  • How much energy can be supplied?
    • What is the long-term flow and heat flow behavior?
  • How can we best monitor geothermal projects?
    • For energy and for the effects on the surface
  • How do (new) materials used in the extraction process perform?
    • For example: geothermal fluids, reservoir material and casing material.

The actual research trajectory starts when the geothermal well is in operation. Updates will be posted on this page during the research process.

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