Information meeting of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy about the production phase on March 5

9 February 2024

With Geothermal Delft we are entering a new phase. The drilling has been completed. Now we are starting the phase where we are making preparations to actually supply heat. This still requires a lot of work, for example in the field of technology, such as the above-ground installation and the connection to a heating network. The permit must also be issued to be allowed to start extracting geothermal heat. That is the so-called starting permit.

What does a starting permit entail?
The starting permit for GTD is granted by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate. This permit ensures that geothermal heat is extracted safely and responsibly. For example, the technical capabilities of the implementer, in this case GTD B.V., are examined. The applicant's financial capabilities are also assessed to ensure that there are sufficient resources to carry out all planned activities, even if there are any setbacks.

Once the start permit has been granted, the development of the geothermal power plant can continue. A follow-up permit will be applied for within two years. This definitively determines, among other things, the duration and the conditions. To achieve this, information must be collected, for example about how the geothermal source works in practice and how much heat can be extracted.

Hasn't drilling already taken place? What about the starting permit?
A new mining law has been in force since July 1, 2023. Before then, the permit process was divided. For example, a separate drilling permit was required, which GTD obtained, and a separate extraction permit was required. With the renewed mining law, this has all been included in the start and follow-up permit.

All information online and during Information Meeting on March 5
The permit falls under the Mining Act. The draft decision and all associated documents will be available for inspection from February 9 via the website of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy. Anyone who is interested can take note of the details of the permit application. And interested parties can also discuss this during the information meeting on March 5. This will take place on the campus of TU Delft. Registration is not necessary. Interested parties can then discuss:

  • Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate (EZK)
    Municipalities of Delft and Pijnacker-Nootdorp
    Geothermal Delft (GTD)
    State Supervision of Mines (SodM)
    Delft University of Technology

More information:

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