Huisman and Geothermie Delft sign a letter of intent

This week, in addition to receiving the SDE++ subsidy, another important milestone was reached in the Geothermal Energy Delft project. At Aardyn's office, the letter of intent was signed between GTD and Huisman for the delivery of the drilling rig. In the coming months Huisman will take the necessary steps to prepare everything for the start of drilling in November this year.

For example, the installation will be thoroughly checked before commissioning and optimized to ensure that the drilling process runs as smoothly as possible in the autumn. But perhaps more important is putting together the drilling team, or the 'rig crew' as it is called. From GTD, Leendert-Jan Ursem is closely involved in the entire drilling process as Drilling & Completion Manager, left in the photo.

Ursem: “After a long period of preparation, it is really great that we can now get to work. We have already ordered the so-called long lead items, such as the casings, wellheads and other materials that have a long delivery time. Now let's get to work assembling the team. Exciting times!”

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In the picture, from left to right: Joop Roodenburg (Huisman), Leendert-Jan Ursem (Aardyn), Peter de Vin (Huisman),  Bas van Dun (Aardyn), Leroy Holwerda (Huisman), Marc Pijnenborg (Aardyn)

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