How does the logistics process work at the drilling location?

25 October 2023

An efficient, safe and well-coordinated logistics process is the key to ensure that the drilling process at the Geothermal Delft location runs smoothly and on schedule. The supply and removal of materials play a central role in this process.

Some important aspects of this process are:

  • To prevent traffic congestion at the site entrance, we plan the transport of materials down to the last detail.
  • Trucks are only called when they can reach the location safely and without obstacles.
  • The supply and removal of essential materials such as pipes, drilling fluid and chemicals is very important for the drilling process. Even small delays can have major consequences. That is why our logistics coordinators keep a close eye on the entire supply chain and manage it to get the required materials to the location on time and safely.

In an average week - depending on our drilling activities - we carry out around 35 transports to and from the site. Our commitment to a smooth logistics process certainly contributes to the success of Geothermie Delft!

Stay tuned for more insights into our progress.

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