Drilling update week 37

13 September 2023

We have already completed more than half of the drilling process for Geothermie Delft!

Taking cores (or samples) of rocks has now been completed and further drilling has been carried out to the bottom of the reservoir in recent weeks. We have now reached the full depth of 2931 meters in borehole length and 2341 meters vertical depth. We stopped drilling until we reached the layer of earth where the warm water is located. The production well is located here and a special filter tube has been installed. This filter that is installed allows the water to pass through, but may leave any unstable sand behind in the reservoir. This keeps the water and the well clean.

Next week we will move the derrick to the injection well, where we will resume our drilling activities. Drilling of the injection well will last approximately until the end of October.

Stay informed of developments via the website. Curious yourself? Then take a look from the roof from the newly designed viewing location (next to the WarmteKrachtCentrale).

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