A geothermal research well on TU Delft's premises

Some ten years ago a group of TU Delft students got the idea of realizing a geothermal well at the university campus. What at first seemed like a wild plan was set into motion when it became clear the campus grounds were in fact an ideal location. Now, for theme leader Phil Vardon things are almost about to get real. After years of measuring, liaising and researching, detailed preparations to make it a reality are in full flow now. “This geothermal source on our campus will become one of the world’s biggest hotspots for research into geothermal energy.” 

The well’s dual purpose is what makes it so unique, explains Phil Vardon, theme leader of Geothermal Science and Engineering. In addition to providing the university buildings with sustainable heat, the geothermal well will serve as a top-notch research facility. “It will provide heat, but more important is that it will provide crucial knowledge on geothermal energy. Not just for one project, but for the entire energy transition.”

The idea for using geothermal energy goes beyond the campus itself. The planned geothermal source can supply sustainable heat to housing associations in city of Delft as well.

Read the full article here: https://www.tudelft.nl/en/ceg/research/stories-of-science/a-geothermal-research-well-on-tu-delfts-premises


Photo: Phil Vardon on the proposed site of the Delft geothermal well, next to the combined heat and power plant on the Rotterdamseweg in Delft.

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