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Geothermie Delft

The urgency of the energy transition is increasing every day. Our CO₂ emissions must be reduced by 55% by 2030 compared to 1990 and 1.5 million households must be gas-free. Geothermal energy supplies CO₂-free heat, and is crucial for making the heat demand more sustainable and contributes to our energy independence. It is a local and essential heat source in the national energy mix of the future and must be scaled up sustainably.

TU Delft, Aardyn, Shell and EBN are taking an important step forward in the energy transition and are installing a geothermal source on the TU Delft campus, under the name Geothermie Delft. This source provides both the campus and a number of neighborhoods in Delft with sustainable heat. A unique project in which research and industry come together at a crucial moment in the energy transition.

A unique place

Geothermie Delft is a unique project in which a sustainable geothermal source is exploited on the TU Delft Campus and at the same time is linked in real time to a major scientific research and educational program at TU Delft.

This makes it a unique example project, with which we conduct research into the safe and responsible upscaling of geothermal energy in the built environment.

The momentum

The collaboration between researchers, industry, government and the urban environment of Delft offers a unique opportunity to further develop scientific knowledge about geothermal energy in a complex urban environment. And to put geothermal energy into practice immediately by supplying all residents and visitors to the university campus and a large part of the city of Delft with sustainable energy.

It is a unique opportunity for the Netherlands to further develop this necessary technology and innovation and to train students. It makes Delft proud because this is an important step towards a sustainable CO₂-free campus and city.

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