Research and Innovation

By placing the source on the TU Delft campus and linking it to a large research program, we are building a unique showcase through which we can conduct research into the safe and responsible upscaling of geothermal energy as a clean energy source. 

The urgency of the energy transition is increasing every day. The CO2 reduction targets are high. There are many questions and we still need many answers, but we also need to take concrete steps. TU Delft, the business community and the Municipality of Delft are taking responsibility and want to move forward in the energy transition by installing a geothermal source on the TU Delft campus. 

More information: - Geothermal Science and Engineering 


The collaboration between researchers, the business community, government and the urban environment of Delft offers a unique opportunity to further develop Geothermal energy scientifically in a complex urban environment. And to put Geothermal into practice immediately by providing the energy for the 1 million people who visit the campus each month in addition to a large part of the city. 

It is a unique opportunity for the Netherlands to make this necessary technology and innovation possible. And it makes Delft proud because this is an important step towards a sustainable CO2-neutral campus and city. 

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