Build and realisation

Hydreco Geomec is responsible for the construction of the geothermal wells, and is commissioned by GeoThermie Delft (GTD). Hydreco Geomec is working on similar projects at several locations in the Netherlands. Safe, clean and careful work is paramount during drilling, extraction and research. 

Example project: Aardwarmte Voorne

Example project: Aardwarmte Voorne

Plant preparation

Before the well can be drilled, the site is prepared for construction. Among other things, pillars will be placed in the ground and a liquid-proof floor will be installed. Then the conductor is placed: an extra protective sleeve for the freshwater layers. Next, the drilling rig and the auxiliary installations are built. Drilling two wells about 2.2 km deep will take about three months and will continue 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Each well is tested and the test water is temporarily collected in nearby basins. Dissolved formation gas is brought up with the pumped water, which is captured, upgraded to natural gas and added to the gas network in the combined heat and power plant (CHP). The wells are reinforced with steel pipes, which are secured with cement. 


The installations necessary for pumping, transporting and injecting the water will be housed in the CHP building. Finally, the covered wells, the installation to separate gas and liquid and a number of supply and discharge pipes remain visible after the drillings. 

Example project: The Hague Aardwarmte Leyweg in The Hague

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